Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the locations of Clayton County Parks? Click here for info
What sports does Clayton County Parks offer? Clayton County Parks & Recreation offers basketball, football, baseball, soccer, track & field, cheerleading and dance.
What age does my child have to be to participate? A child must be four years of age and older to participate in any of Clayton County Parks and Recreation sport opportunities.
How much are pavilion park rentals? Click link for info
What is the code of ethics for Clayton County? Click link for info

Do I need a background check to volunteer? Yes, all Clayton County volunteers or coaches must undergo a background check before engaging in any volunteer or coaching duties.
Am I required to have coaching insurance for Clayton County? Yes, Clayton County requires all youth coaches to be insured.
How do I become a certified coach? Each sport has its own criteria for becoming certified, but you must undergo a coaching clinic for the sport you want to coach, and you must undergo a program for sport-specific certification (i.e. USA Football or Georgia Soccer).
How old do I need to be to volunteer? Clayton County requires all youth sports coaches to be 18 years of age or older.
What days are games and practices? Games and practices are subject to change but usually practices occur on weeknights, with games being played on Saturdays.

Can I register online? Yes, go to, click on the computer icon, and follow the instructions  to register online.
Do I need a birth certificate for registration? Yes, Clayton County requires that each participant have a certified copy of their birth certificate for all youth sports.
When does registration begin and end? Registration depends on
How much does registration cost?  Baseball-The cost is $80 for u4, and $120 for u6 and older. Basketball- The cost for u6 and up is $105. Soccer- The cost is $80 for u4, and $120 for u6 and older. Softball- The cost is $120. Track & Field- The cost is $75.

What are the rules for U4 Flag football? Click link for info
Does Clayton County offer cheerleading? Yes, each Clayton County Park offers cheerleading.
Where are games played? Games are played at local parks and will differ according to team game schedules
Can my child participate in multiple sports at the same time? Yes, a child can play multiple sports at the same time.
What equipment is needed for tackle football? Clayton County will provide helmet, shoulder pads and uniform. The participant must provide all other pads, cleats, and a mouthpiece.

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