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All activity and athletics participants must create an account on the new TPAR platform.



Clayton County Parks & Recreation has a new registration system.  Creating and managing your household accounts will be faster, easier, and it's the only way to sign up for all the great recreation, aquatic, and athletic programs offered by the Department.

There are two ways to register:


Steps for Creating Your Account

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions below,  and check out our How-To Videos.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  I am a returning participant.  Don't I already have an account with the Parks & Recreation Department?

A.  None of the accounts from our previous registration system are being moved to the new one.  Therefore, beginning December 1st, 2018, all participants - new and returning - must create a new account in order to register for programs and classes.


Q.  Whose name should be on the household account?

A.  The "Primary Contact" should be the person responsible for paying for classes and programs.  Additional family members, such as a spouse or children, can be added after the account is created.


Q.  How much does it cost to create a household account?

A.  There is no cost to create a household account.


Q.  Do I need an email address to create an account?

A.  An email address is required in order to create an account.  Free email accounts can be created through services such as Gmail and Yahoo.


Q.  Will I need a password to use the system?

A.  When you first create an account, a temporary password will be assigned.  A link will be sent to the email address you provided, and you will be prompted to change the temporary password to the new one you choose.


Q.  What if I forget my password?

A.   If you forget your password, the system will prompt you to create a new one.  You may also contact the Parks and Recreation Department for assistance in resetting your password.


Q.  Can I add dependents to my account?

A.  Children can be added to your account.  To do so, click on the "Profile" tab, and scroll to the bottom of the page.  You will see a button to "add" Relationships/Dependents.    Once you are on the "Contact Details" page, be sure to check the box indicating that the contact information for the child is the "same as parent/guardian."


Q.  Do I have to be a Clayton County resident to use the registration system?

A.  You do not have to live in Clayton County to create an account.  However, non-residents may be charged an out-of-county fee for certain programs and services.


Q.  How long do I have to wait to register for classes or programs?

A.  Once your household account has been created and your temporary password has been changed, you may register immediately for any available classes or programs.


Q.  We used to have group accounts with friends.  Is this still available?

A.  Group discounts are no longer offered.  Each participant must have their own individual account.


Q.  What should I do if I live in Clayton County, but I was charged a non-resident fee?

A.  Please visit the nearest Clayton County Recreation Center and provide proof of residency.


Q.  How can I receive my Employee Discount?

A.  Please visit the nearest Clayton County Recreation Center and provide proof of eligibility.


Q.  My child has participated in Clayton County Athletics, do I need to provide another copy of his/her Birth Certificate?

A.  Not all of the records from the old system was transferred to the new one.  You may be asked to provide a copy of your child's birth certificate once he or she has been assigned to a team roster.


Q.  What should I do if I registered for the wrong activity or program?

A. Please contact the park or recreation center where you registered.  A staff member can assist you with making the correction. 


Q.  Can I register using a mobile device?

A.  You can register for programs and activities on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.


Q.  How do I apply for Financial Aid?

A.  Requests for financial aid must be made in person at the park or recreation center where you wish to register.


Q.  Does online-registration accept split payments?

A.  Split payments cannot be made online.  Please visit the nearest park or recreation center for assistance.


Q.  Are payment plans or installments available online?

A.  Installment plans are not available.  Full payment is due at the time of registration.


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