Park Services Division

Park Services


Purpose Statement

The Parks Maintenance Division promotes, provides and facilitates park and leisure services designed to reach all segments of the community. In this effort, the division is a provider and advocate for (1) the preservation and enhancement of land, 15 acres of sand beaches and related open spaces; (2) the provision of recreation and leisure services that support requirements from internal customers.

Mission Statement

Park Services Division strives to actively pursue, encompass and support the Vision and Mission Statements of Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department by providing secure and comfortable environments for the constituents of Clayton County to enjoy leisure and programmatic activities.


The Park Services Division is primarily responsible for developing and implementing a superior maintenance program for the 32 park sites (896 acres), green space properties (+/- 700 acres), and the surrounding grounds for six recreation and senior facilities. The Maintenance Management Plan has been classified on the basis of their service regions which are comprised of Mini, Neighborhood, School, Community, Sport Complex, Natural Resource and Special Use Properties.


The Park Services Division multitude of delegated properties is supported by 32 maintenance professionals divided into four teams which consist of both full and part time employees. These staff members encompass the skill sets to accomplish the mission of the Park Services Division.

"It Starts In the PARKS"