Green Space Open Division

Greenspace Program



The Green Space/Open Space Division is responsible for managing and administering the greenspace program which is aimed at protecting the County's flood plain, wetlands, and areas near streams, as well as promoting bike and walking trails that link various green space areas throughout Clayton County.

Purpose Statement

The Greenspace Division provides managed natural experiences that foster an appreciation of the natural environment through leisure and educational opportunities.


With four fulltime and two part time employees, the Greenspace Division is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Clayton County Greenspace Program Land Trust (The Land Trust) and Reynolds Nature Preserve. More specifically, it oversees land acquisition and use for The Land Trust and the environmental outreach of Reynolds Nature Preserve. In doing so, the Division's staff provides land use expertise to the department and environmental outreach to the public. In addition, the staff responsibly manages a 146 acre hardwood forest and the Land Trust's portfolio.

"It Starts In the PARKS"