Athletic Section




The Clayton County Athletics Division facilitates team sports activities for youth and adult participants. The division is responsible for the planning, implementation, and management of ten athletics programs administered at seven park locations and three recreation centers, in coordination with the Park Services and Recreation Services Divisions.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Clayton County Athletics is to provide community-based leisure activities that promote physical fitness, encourage lifelong recreational pursuits, and support team-oriented community awareness.

Programming Synopsis

Clayton County Athletics operates youth tackle football, youth and adult flag football, soccer, baseball, youth and adult softball, basketball, cheerleading, and track & field programs. The programming activities are facilitated at community parks and recreation centers located in Morrow-Lake City, Jonesboro, Rex, North Clayton, Riverdale, the Panhandle area, and Lovejoy.

Personnel and Administrative Operations

Clayton County Athletics employs nine Athletics Coordinators, whose principle responsibilities include designing and scheduling programs, promoting and advertising them, registering participants for those activities, training volunteers, managing the day-to-day operations, and evaluating the events. The Athletics team is lead by the Athletics Superintendent and the Supervisor, with assistance from the Budget and Procurement Coordinator. Additionally, there are fifteen Athletics Aides and five part-time Maintenance Workers who provide support for the implementation and management of Athletics program activities.

"It Starts In the PARKS"